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The typical design of a Fresnel lensed instrument consists of placing the lamp (light source) at (or very near to) the focal point of the lens to achieve a "SPOT". This being the furthest point from the lens, typically the fixture housing is designed around this maximum distance. Our design allows us to shrink such fixture by at least one third in depth. We basically devised a variable geometry unit in which the overall housing has been split in two collapsible parts.

The Drop-in Fresnel lenses are removable allowing quick access to the popular "Open Eye" (no lens) sharp shadow projection mode. Two Fresnels are offered: a Soft (74 x 25 degrees beam patterns) and a Spot (44 x 6 degrees). Precise lamp and reflector positioning insure a clean light and shadow quality. Double shadowing has been eliminated in either mode.

The Barndoor for such a wide beam system had to be completely re-thought and the proposed version behaves more like miniature flags capable of reaching far past the lens in front or back of it. The front end is outfitted with special plugs made to receive Chimera poles.

The Back Cover of the unit supports: all the ignition electronics, the lamp, its socket and its reflector, reducing maintenance intervention as well as down time. It can also be replaced by tungsten back converting the unit into 600W, 3200Kelvin.

Lamp Housing: Aluminum casting, high temperature black epoxy. This housing is made of two interlocking sliding parts. The front ring supports the lenses and accessories holders as well as pole plugs for lightbanks. The Back Cover supports the striker compartment, the lamp cradle, the mirror and the safety switch. The back cover is mounted on hinges for ease of maintenance or replacement by the Tungsten back option.

Mirror: Specular spherical. Aluminum 90% reflectance electrolytically coated.

Focusing: By means of a rack and pinion system acuated by the side knob.

Safety Glass: Borosilicate UV Filter tempered.

Yoke: 5/8" Baby size. Tubing black epoxy finish. Connection to stand allows three axis positioning. Ratchet handle applies very firm pressure to disk brake.

Lamp: MSR 400-HR, 5600 Kelvin, 600 hours life.

Power Supply: Electronic, square wave flicker free. AC input: 90-132 Volt or by sliding selector switch: 180-265V. 50-60Hz. Dual function ON/OFF push button switch. Completely silent (convection cooled).

Connectors: Molded Veam quarter turn quick locking.

Extension Cable: 25 feet, 8 feet attached to the head.

Accessory Size: 6 1/2" – 6 5/8"

Accessories: Barndoor, Tungsten Back, Scrims.

Tungsten Lamp: FRG = 500W 110V, FRK = 500W 220V

Distance in Feet Foot Candles
Fresnel Spot Lens Flood 44° Spot 6°
3' 2,224 23,224
6' 556 5806
10' 200 2090
15' 89 929
20' 50 523
25' 32 334
30' 22 232
35' 16 171
40' 13 131
Fresnel Wide Lens Flood 74° Spot 25 °
3' 1,576 4,168
6' 394 1,042
10' 142 375
15' 63 167
20' 35 94
25' 23 60
30' 16 42
35' 12 31
40' 9 23
Open Eye (No Lens) 105°  
3' 856
6' 214
10' 77
15' 34
20' 19
25' 12
30' 9
35' 6
40' 5

The Joker-Bug System