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Joker 400 Registration Winner

Congratulations to Ross Headley, of Headley Productions in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He won a new Joker 400 Kit simply by registering his current 800W Joker Kit.

Headley Productions is a full-service company that provides professional equipment and services for the film and video industry.

Thank you to all who participated in our 20th Anniversary contest. With your continued loyalty and support, we'll continue to manufacture versatile lighting products for another 20 years and beyond.

With thousands of Jokers in use around the world, we're always looking for new and interesting ways our products are being used. If you have a story to tell, please send them to info@k5600.com.

Ross Headley
Director of Photography


“Headley Productions is a full-service company that provides professional equipment and services for the film and video industry in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our 1-ton grip and lighting package is easily the most complete and reliable of its kind in the greater Fox Valley area of Wisconsin. We have a wide range of tungsten and daylight (HMI) heads all designed for the smaller budget productions looking for that plug-in the wall solution with a punch.

With over 14 years in the business, our crew knows how to tackle any kind of production. We bring experience that is typically found in much larger markets. We take pride in our equipment and ensure everything works right the first time and every time.

Ross Headley Profile:
Ross Headley hails from the mid-west where he received his B.A. in Communication from the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. He also is a graduate of Chapman University in Orange, California where he earned his M.F.A. in Film Production with an emphasis in cinematography. At Chapman, Ross honed his storytelling skills under the mentorship of Bill Dill, ASC, and was the only student in his class to shoot (DP) 3 separate thesis films in his 3rd (final) year.

Ross has over 14 years of professional experience in all levels of film and video production; everything from corporate videos to Hollywood features. Professionally trained as a cinematographer Ross takes great pride in his ability to create beautiful images in the most efficient way possible. His drive for perfection and knack for quick problem solving has also lead him to success as a gaffer. By using his wide range of skills and experiences, Ross is capable of handling any project that comes his way. His love for visual storytelling fuels his desire to continue to learn and master his craft.

Ross currently lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with his wife Erin and two younger children, Byron and Ellowyn. When he is not making films, he has been known to frighten students with his passion for cinematography as an adjunct instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay.